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October 2017
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Harper government’s reckless and undemocratic muzzling of scientists: Toronto Star

Source: Toronto Star

Keeping Canadians in the dark by muzzling scientists is undemocratic; governing in the dark is reckless.

Apparently Stephen Harper is unmoved by the embarrassment of international reprobation.

It has been a year since Nature, one of the world’s leading scientific journals, chided the federal Conservatives for their antagonism to openness and declared, “It is time for the Canadian government to set its scientists free.”

Since then, other major international publications, including the Guardian and the Economist, have followed suit, calling on our government to take a more enlightened, democratic approach to scientific findings. Yet clearly not much has changed: the federal information commissioner is now considering a request to investigate the persistent and worsening problem of the government’s so-called muzzling of Canadian scientists.

Read more: http://www.thestar.com/opinion/editorials/2013/03/18/harper_governments_reckless_and_undemocratic_muzzling_of_scientists_editorial.html


PROPAGANDA: Alison Redford says Keystone XL is “responsible oil sands development”

“I’m proud to say Alberta applauds and shares the President’s strong desire to address climate change and we’re already taking action.”

By: Alison Redford | Published by USA Today on Feb 25, 2013: 

An aerial photo of the Syncrude Canada oil sands mine north of Fort McMurray, Alberta. (Photo: Chris Evans, The Pembina Institute)

An aerial photo of the Syncrude Canada oil sands mine north of Fort McMurray, Alberta. (Photo: Chris Evans, The Pembina Institute)

On behalf of my province — a close friend, ally and northern neighbor to the American people — I can say confidently that Alberta and the United States share one of the most trusted and important relationships in the world. The United States is already Alberta’s biggest customer for our oil. The Keystone XL pipeline will further cement the strong bond between Alberta and the U.S. and is important in developing a safe, secure North American energy partnership.