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Canada Petro State is a publication of The Canadian Progressive Network.

It’s a source for news and analysis of the ongoing efforts by the Harper Government and Big Oil to transform Canada into a petro-state.

We especially focus on the progressive news and analysis educating the public about how Canada is being transformed into a petro-state. We shine a light on Canadians and allies who are using non-violent direct action to physically stop the insidious and profit-driven diabolical plan.


The Canada Petro State is published by Obert Madondo, an Ottawa-based progressive political blogger, publisher and activist. He’s the founder and publisher of these blogs:


  • A Portrait of Canada as an emerging petro-state (COMING SOON)
  • Alberta Tar Sands (COMING SOON)
  • Keystone XL Pipeline (COMING SOON)
  • Progressive Alternatives (COMING SOON)


Email: editor@canadianprogressiveworld.com 

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